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Haynes, Ona

Ona Haynes is an artist living and working in Worcestershire. Her inspiration comes from life and following her latest fight with cancer and her continuing recovery, she has embarked on a different route to express her art.

Ona says: Since my Art is led naturally by whatever themes flow through me it doesn't fit into one specific genre. I'm happy with this, because I would rather represent my authentic self - even if that makes it difficult to categorise my art - than to alter or restrict what I produce for the sake of making it fit into an easily definable genre. My art often tends to be SURREAL, ABSTRACT or ILLUSTRATIVE and it can take on a STEAMPUNK, GOTHIC, POP or VINTAGE style. That said, I have come across a phrase describing an aesthetic that runs through all my work. It's the Japanese phrase; "WABI - SABI"...

We are proud to display a selection of works by Ona