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Hebbelinck, Roger

Roger Hebbelinck was born August 12th 1912 in Brussels, Belgium. Roger Hebbelinck studied drawing at the Academie Des Beaux Arts in Brussels under Professors: Stevens, Van Strydonck & Delville, in whose class Hebbelinck achieved a first for antique figure drawing

Later he took up oil painting under the tuition of Professor Bastien and also landscape painting in particular under Nathieu. Roger Hebbelinck also studied the history of art of human and animal anatomy as well as history of costume

Further studies were devoted to the designing of the human body, under Professor Dierick, at the academy of Fine Arts in Brussels & watercolour under the direction of I.S Van Mens, the noted Dutch Aquarelliste. Hebbelinck's work was regularly shown in exhibitions in Belgium and France and is represented in many important collections